January 16, 2018
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  • Reforming Maryland’s Dysfunctional Beer Industry

    By Peter Franchot
    After witnessing the damaging effects of House Bill 1283’s passage in the 2017 legislative session, I convened a 40-member task force that held public, live-streamed meetings across our state. The goal of our “Reform on Tap” effort is simple: to remove statutory and regulatory...
  • Breaking Ground On A New Police Academy

    By Steve Schuh
    Every month in Anne Arundel County, it seems as though we are breaking ground on a wonderful new asset that will help our jurisdiction reach its full potential. In fact, over the past year alone, we have broken ground on a new Crofton High School, three new elementary schools, and a host of park...
  • Maryland Adopts New Law Regarding Smoke Alarms

    The January 1 implementation of the Maryland smoke-alarm law has generated many citizen inquiries. The following information regarding Maryland law is provided to assist with answering questions. Fire department personnel are frequently the only smoke-alarm “experts” the general public...
    • In December, Sheriff Ron Bateman (left) and Colonel Rick Tabor congratulated Jennifer Gilbert-Duran on her promotion to the rank of captain.Photo Provided
      In December, Sheriff Ron Bateman (left) and Colonel Rick Tabor congratulated Jennifer Gilbert-Duran on her promotion to the rank of captain.

    Making A Historical Promotion

    By Ron Bateman
    It’s not every day that you can become a part of history, but in December, Jennifer Gilbert-Duran did so. Last month, I had the honor, privilege and pleasure to promote Lieutenant Jennifer Gilbert-Duran to the rank of captain. As a captain, she is the highest-ranking sworn female ever in the...
  • Superintendent George Arlotto Makes Budget Recommendation

    In late December, Dr. George Arlotto, superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), recommended to the Board of Education a $1.19 billion operating budget for Fiscal Year 2019 that would add 190.7 classroom teaching positions and provide every school system employee with a compensation increase.

    In Arlotto’s plan, 106 of the teaching positions would address continued enrollment increases and 30 would help reduce rising class sizes. Another 25 teachers would be added for English Language Acquisition classes, 12.5 more would be used to expand the Enhancing Elementary Excellence (Triple-E) program to nine elementary schools in the Annapolis cluster, and the addition of...
  • SPHS To Host Not My Child

    Not My Child, Anne Arundel County’s heroin-awareness program, will be held at Severna Park High School on Tuesday, January 16, at 7:00pm in the auditorium.

    Not My Child is focused on generating awareness by providing the facts of abuse of prescription drugs and the escalation of heroin use in our communities. The Not My Child discussion provides an open, honest conversation regarding the use of drugs by children and adults in every community. The issue does not discriminate.

    Not My Child is a collaborative effort supported by multiple county agencies, nonprofits and local residents working together to educate parents, families and communities on the impact of addiction.

    The Not My...
  • How Does The County Handle Snow?

    The Bureau of Highways is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the traveling public while providing timely service to citizen and business communities during inclement weather by planning and executing winter operation activities on more than 6,700 county-maintained roads and streets.

    Getting Ready Early

    The dedicated staff of the Bureau of Highways is busy preparing for winter snow and ice control activities long before the first hint of snowfall. During the summer months, the bureau first evaluates its fleet and staffing needs for the upcoming season. The fleet of vehicles and equipment are then serviced and maintained to meet the demands of the winter season.

    Controlling Costs

  • What Water Independence Means For Our County

    By Steve Schuh
    Recently, we celebrated a historic milestone for Anne Arundel County: water independence. Now, as a result of these infrastructure upgrades, county government can directly supply every resident on public water with top-grade county-treated water.
    This landmark breakthrough is yet another example...
  • News From The State House

    By Delegate Tony McConkey
    The governor proposed something wonderful a couple of months ago. The idea is to build more roads, and not just any roads, but to expand dramatically the capacity of the D.C. beltway, I-270 and the B.W. Parkway by adding two express lanes in each direction, expanding the three roadways by more than...
  • ‘Tis The Season To Protect Yourself And Your Property

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    It’s that time of year. You know, the time you open your wallet more than you care to, to pull out your debit card and buy gift after gift. It’s vital to take a few easy steps to protect the gifts you have to buy, your other personal belongings and, most importantly, yourself and your...
  • A Case For Shopping Local This Holiday Season

    By Peter Franchot
    It might be hard to believe, but the 2017 holiday season is upon us. Whether you do most of your shopping early or you’re a procrastinator, time is running short to cross everything off your wish lists.
    In my opinion, there’s no better place to do that than at your local independent...
  • Recently Archived

  • Letter To The Editor: Recess

    By Voice Media
    As a mother of an elementary school student in the Severna Park area, I am a member of a recess committee. This research committee group was created last year by mothers of elementary school children from multiple schools in Severna Park. The goal of the research committee is to eventually convince...
  • Got An Opinion? Share It With Us!

    By Voice Media
    We want to hear your thoughts regarding what’s happening in the neighborhood. Is there a current issue at hand that you feel strongly about? We know our readers are passionate about their neighborhoods, schools, community and so much more – and the Voice would love for you to tell us...
  • A Tax Break For Some Is A Tax Increase For Most

    By Councilman Michael Peroutka
    On November 6, the Anne Arundel County Council will consider a bill designed to grant a property tax credit to persons designated as “public safety officers.”
    Generally, this means that policemen and firefighters, along with volunteer firefighters, will be eligible to have their...
  • Anne Arundel United

    By Steve Schuh
    Earlier this fall at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County, our administration unveiled Anne Arundel United, a proactive community initiative to unite the county against hatred and build greater understanding.
    Our goal is simple. We need to embrace and promote...
  • The Importance Of Honoring Obscure Veterans

    By Delegate Michael Malone
    Imagine that it is August 1776 in the swamps and heights outside New York City. After years of unrest, protest and indecision – after Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill – the upstart 13 American colonies have thrown down the gauntlet and declared their independence. Intending to impose...
  • Volunteering

    By Peter Franchot
    The simple inscription on William Donald Schaefer’s headstone reads, “He Cared.”
    During his nearly four decades of public service as Baltimore mayor, governor and comptroller, Schaefer earned a reputation as a straight shooter with a made-for-TV persona, someone who, when told...
  • Participating In Awareness Months

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    I have been the sheriff of Anne Arundel County for more than 11 years and have seen firsthand the effects cancer has had on my law enforcement family. My staff and their families have endured the rigors of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and the agony that follows a cancer diagnosis. Our office...
  • Letter To The Editor: Veterans Day Is For Everyone

    As a veteran, I am a huge fan of Veterans Day. It arrives at just the right time. After a long back-to-school and work season, and with the holidays still a ways off, Veterans Day provides a welcome pause amid a lively autumn. More importantly, it is the perfect time for all Americans to stop and...

    Keeping Our K-9s Safe

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    Recently, I was glad to announce the latest technology being added to the Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety of K-9 Chase. Chase is a talented 7-year-old German Shepherd who’s trained in explosive and firearm detection. His handler is veteran Deputy Sheriff Michelle Goodman, who has...
  • A Recap Of National Recovery Month

    By Nancy Schrum - Anne Arundel County Constituent Services
    As we celebrate the close of National Recovery Month, we need remind citizens of the breadth of the challenge we face when it comes to heroin and opioid addiction in Anne Arundel as well as our response.
    Three years ago, our county was experiencing one fatality a week and one overdose a day. As a...

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