October 16, 2018
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  • Tasty Nights at Earleigh Heights has returned with all the community favorites, serving up a variety of food every Tuesday night from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.
    Photo by Maya Pottiger
    Tasty Nights at Earleigh Heights has returned with all the community favorites, serving up a variety of food every Tuesday night from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

Tasty Nights Returns Food Trucks To Earleigh Heights

Maya Pottiger
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June 8, 2018

On the first Tuesday in May, 10 food trucks banded together to bring Tasty Nights back to Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company.

For the last two years, H2 Markets organized the food trucks at Earleigh Heights, but the food truck company decided not to continue the partnership.

That collaboration was beneficial to Earleigh Heights, the food trucks and the community, so where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“We asked them to come back,” said Andrew Condor, president of Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company. “We’ve had success with them in the past, and we’re certainly happy to see them back.”

Now, without a third party going between the vendors and fire department, the food truck vendors coordinate directly with Earleigh Heights.

“All the popular trucks are going to be back,” said Rosa Gargano, owner of Pasta La Vista and Wanna Pizza This. “All of the favorites are returning; all of the ones that have been there in the past.”

In addition to Gargano’s trucks, returning vendors include T&J Waffles, Greek on the Street and Beef on the Street. The average price per meal is $8 to $15.

“We offer a variety of food and a taste of different cultures,” said Thierry Reboullet, owner of T&J Waffles. “It’s a way to gather around international food.”

Another difference in the reinstated Tasty Nights is that, without a third party, all of the money the trucks pay to rent their space goes directly to Earleigh Heights. This serves as a weekly fundraiser for the fire department, which helps in a variety of ways.

“Just like anyone else, we need the money to survive and for apparatus equipment,” Condor said. “Currently, we’re looking at building a new fire station.”

Gargano said, “With all of the money [from the food trucks] going directly to the firehouse, we think they’re going to be able to achieve that much faster.”

Each week will feature raffles and giveaways. One raffle includes four coupons for free meals that can be used the following week.

In the future, Tasty Nights organizers are looking to incorporate different events and activities surrounding the food trucks to encourage people to stay instead of getting their food and leaving. This includes adding moon bounces, petting zoos and other similar attractions, Gargano said. However, nothing is set in stone.

“We want to make it where people are actually interested in coming and staying,” Gargano said. “We want it to be more of a family feel, an event throughout the summertime that will attract people.”

Tasty Nights is building a website, which will have a calendar that links to all of the food trucks and menus that will be available each week. In the meantime, you can follow “Tasty Nights at Earleigh Heights” on Facebook for updates.

Tasty Nights is held every Tuesday at Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Roughly 10 trucks will attend every Tuesday.

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